Friday, February 09, 2007

Land of Impeachment

Rules Committee Hearing Postponed Until Next Friday, Rally and Lobbying To Take Place of Hearing at Roundhouse Same Time.
Calls to Senator Altamirano and Sanchez Still Necessary and Helpful

After hours of back and forth, the previously scheduled Rules Committee hearing tomorrow, Friday, February 9th, 9AM was postponed one week by Chairwoman Linda Lopez. For information on why that happened, feel free to call her office at 986-4737. We encourage everyone to come anyway and lobby Senators personally, especially those from down South where we need the most support with Senators Altamirano and Papen. There are caravans already in motion, and we will all be here to greet them. The rally will again feature the Senate Sponsors Ortiz y Pino and Grubesic as well as citizen speakers.

A direct conversation with Senator Altamirano today indicated that he was not in fact against receiving phone calls, he just wanted people to know that he was not the one who gave the bill three committees. As it turns out, Senator Ortiz y Pino himself gave the bill three committees, hoping it would generate momentum going to the floor vote. Although it will take longer to move the bill, no one can judge the Senator's decision because the outcome is still uncertain. There is still plenty of time to move this bill if it gets enough support from the people. Don't be discouraged.

Also, it's time to engage the Republicans directly. We will need them to understand our position and have it explained to them in the light of day, so that even if they disagree, at least we discussed it as neighbors. Senators Rod Adair of Roswell and Kent Cravens of Albuquerque especially could use some respectful, informed discussion on the matter prior to the hearing. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 986-4300 for all contact information.

And keep the calls coming in to Senators Altamirano and Sanchez. As it turns out, neither is steadfastly opposed to the bill, and Altamirano is inclined to look favorably on it. They are listening to their constituents on the matter and that means its time to let them know how you feel.

by Leland Lehrman (505) 982-3609

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