Friday, February 23, 2007

NM Impeachment Resolution Public Affairs Hearing Set for Sunday, February 25th around 2PM, Room 321.

NM Impeachment Resolution Public Affairs Hearing Set for Sunday, February 25th around 2PM, Room 321.
Senators Mary Kay Papen D- Dona Ana and David Ulibarri D-Cibola, Valencia, Socorro are still the swing votes. Continue to call their offices as well as those of the Dona Ana, Cibola, Valencia and Socorro County Democratic Legislative delegations via the Capitol Switchboard: (505) 986-4300. Call the Democratic County Party Leaders in the above counties, contact info below. Ask them to pass a resolution of support and call Sen. Papen and Ulibarri. Basic Impeachment Background Here.
by Leland Lehrman h: (505) 982-3609 o: (505) 473-4458

Fearless citizen Paulette Frankl suggested I stick to action items. Here's what we need to do in order to win in Public Affairs on Sunday. Remember our neighbors in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world, and be ambitious. The official schedule will be posted on the New Mexico Legislature website later today.

1. Bring all your friends. Call everyone you know and tell them about the hearing. Call the press and ask them to cover it. Come early to get a seat, bring signs to hold outside and cameras. Memorize one phone number: 986-4300, the Capitol Switchboard. Forward this message to your lists and friends.

2. Personally visit with Senators Papen and Ulibarri in the Capitol Building. Volunteers will show you how to pull them off the floor or find them in the Roundhouse if you would like to learn the process. We have a team of volunteers who will be at the Roundhouse daily, call Terrence McCarthy at 231-8382 or David Luckey at 986-6022 to arrange. Grab your copy of the 2007 Legislative Almanac at the Information Desk. Bring multiple copies of a personal letter addressed to "Senator/Representative [Leave Name Blank]" so you can fill it in as needed. Bring copies of the resolution itself, our talking points, the New Mexico Democratic Party platform, and your favorite documentation on the subject. My favorite is James Bamford's article on ACLU vs NSA which shows that a Federal Judge has found the Bush Administration guilty as charged for violating the Constitution as well as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Senator Ortiz y Pino's latest official SJR 5 Press Release is also useful.

3. Call or visit with the other Senators and Representatives from Dona Ana, Cibola, Valencia and Socorro County. These are Senator Papen and Ulibarri's neighbors. Senators Mary Jane Garcia and Cynthia Nava, D-Dona Ana are in support. Ask them to talk with Sen. Papen. Representatives Antonio Lujan, Mary Helen Garcia and Joni Marie Gutierrez, D-Dona Ana are also in support. Ask them to speak with Senator Papen. Call Senator Linda Lovejoy, the Navajo. Ask her to support and speak with Sen. Ulibarri. Call Majority Leader Ken Martinez, D-Cibola and ask him to support and speak with Ulibarri. For Ulibarri also call Reps. George Hanosh, Elias Barela, Andrew Barreras and Irvin Harrison. For Papen also call Rep. Nunez. Many of these legislators are Democratic Party delegates and will have been at the Platform Convention to hear the roar of applause when the Impeachment Resolution passed last March. Remind them of it. Senator Tim Jennings of Roswell is reported to have influence with Senator Papen. He's on the fence, and told me you can't impeach Bush for stupidity. Let him know what it's really about, and then ask him to speak with Senator Papen.

4. Call the leaders of the Dona Ana, Cibola, Valencia and Socorro County Democratic Party, most of whom were also delegates to the Platform Convention. Ask them to pass a resolution in support of SJR 5, to announce the hearing on Sunday to the party members, to attend it, and to call their Senators. For Dona Ana County, we have two Democratic Party phone lists: the leadership list and the delegates to the Convention list. Call a page or so.

5. If you're religious, pray. If not, focus your intention.

If you can support us financially, buy an ad in this newsletter or in the Sun News. This bulletin is on the web at for those who don't have html email. Send paypal to or use the link below for credit cards.

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tortugo23 said...

Media Advisory – For Immediate Release 2/23/2007
Contact: Leland Lehrman or David Luckey cell: 986-6022

New Mexico Resolution to Impeach President Bush
and Vice President Cheney in
Senate Public Affairs Hearing, Sunday Feb. 25th, 2PM.

SJR 5, Impeach Bush and Cheney received a unanimous DO PASS in Senate
Rules Committee last Friday. This Sunday, it will go before Public
Affairs in Room 321 of the State Capitol Building. The official
calendar, with the final time will be posted on the New Mexico
Legislature website later today.

Although the Republicans on the Rules Committee did not show up for
the hearing, they are expected to be present in Public Affairs. The
weekend hearing will allow citizens from Las Cruces, Grants and around
the state to attend. The turnout is expected to be large. Well over a
hundred citizens attended the Rules Committee hearing, unanimously
testifying in support of the resolution.

Senate Joint Resolution 5 cites four impeachable offenses:

1. Lying to Congress and the American people to provoke war.
2. Warrantless wiretapping of American citizens, upheld in the case of
ACLU vs. NSA where the Administration was found guilty as charged in
Federal District Court.
3. Ordering torture as at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.
4. Ordering illegal detentions of American residents and citizens at Guantanamo.

Under Thomas Jefferson's Rules of the US House of Representatives, a
State Legislature may initiate impeachment proceedings. There are
several precedents for such action, information about which can be
found on and provided the text on which the New Mexico resolution
is based. More information on the impeachment effort in New Mexico can
be found at and