Thursday, January 18, 2007

State of New Mexico ignores its citizens

Stay tuned to this story, I don't hve time at this very moment to elaborate, but since the big storm, the state of New Mexico has been ignoring many of it's citizens, who are in danger for one reason or other.

For an earlier example, see the comment in an earlier post of mine . . .

Today, a few weeks latter and a few promises, by the State, latter, I am headed up Rowe Mesa to help out a friend, whos plumbing is freezing and needs fire wood amongh other things. The State has said a number of times, that they will be plowing hwy 34, ever since 3 4X4 trucks and private county contracted grader and bulldozer got stuck for over 12 hours over night, a week or so ago on hwy 34. Needless to say, that road has been plowed maybe once or twice since. Hwy 34 is a State Hwy that the county needs to travel to clear county roads up on the Mesa. The county is into and trying to clear their roads but the State doesn't seem to give a fuck, must either be sheer laziness or some stupid masonic prank.

I will write more latter on how incompetent the state hwy department and State police acted the night everyone got stuck.

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