Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Body Electrik Santa Fe Internet Radio

Body Electrik Santa Fe Internet Radio will send wave after wave of music your way - music to dance to, music to work to, music to share with those you love - waves of music to embrace you as you move to the rhythms of Life.

Our taste is eclectic. The artists that we enjoy include Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Hybrid, Shulman, Paul Oakenfold, Infected Mushroom, The Chemical Brothers, Juno Reactor, ATB, The Streets, DJ Tiesto, Thievery Corporation, Sasha, DJ Cheb, Moby, Crystal Method, Keoki, D:Fuse, Sphongle, Josh Wink, Yahel and many, many others. The format leans heavily toward Electronica and Dance (Psytrance, Trance, Techno, House, Progressive, Drum and Base, Break Beats and Downtempo) - but our play list includes a wide variety of genres, including world music and pop - and most all of it will likely make you want to dance.

We invite you and encourage you to dance, move, sing, celebrate, cry, laugh, scream and dream your dreams to the rhythms of your own Body Electrik.

DJ EaZy lives at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo range in Santa Fe, NM, USA - the City Different - and this broadcast originates from a spot overlooking the Plaza. He is not a professional DJ or CDJ, and he has no serious aspirations to become one. He believes that DJ's and musicians and all creative beings are guides and guardians for each generation - not purely entertainers - they are shamans, if you will, for the evolving human community.

His passions include dancing, sharing music, exploring techno shamanism, promoting community, using the Internet to enrich the Planet, promoting non-profits, encouraging interfaith dialogue and embracing non-conformity.

He was introduced to a love of dance and music and to dreams of peace and One World by amazing young people from all over the world. And the manifestation of that love are his 24/7 efforts to share the dance and the music and a vision of peace with others. He has also been personally influenced by the Body Choir community, by the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hahn, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, by the courageous work of Neale Donald Walsch, by the meditations put down so eloquently in writing by Thomas Merton, and by the social activism and heroic antiwar activism of Dorothy Day and her Catholic Worker movement - by the world view and philosophy of Ken Wilbur - and above all by the call to One World that is exemplified in the lives and teachings of the great prophets of our Planet Earth - Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus of Nazareth.

His philosophy is simple (a gift from his teachers) - We are all One. There is enough here for everyone. And Love is all there is.

He is convinced that the sharing of dance and music is one of many viable approaches to realizing the dream of One World - and that World Peace is not a creation at all - that it is an evolutionary realization - a personal awakening.

He invites you to share the dream, to tune in to your own Body ElectriK.

He encourages you to support Internet radio broadcasters - it is quite possible that they are the hope and the future of radio and broadcasting and music in their studios and clubs (and bedrooms) throughout the world.

And he welcomes you to Body ElectriK Internet Radio Santa Fe where you can Dare to Rock Your Body - Resample Your Universe - and Remix Your Mind.

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