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Impeachment in New Mexico Defeated

Impeachment in New Mexico Defeated in Procedural Vote to Prevent Full Senate Debate. Senator John Grubesic Sends Out Beautiful Press Release.

In a move that appears to have been carefully orchestrated, New Mexico's impeachment resolution was blocked from full debate on the Senate floor by a handful of Democratic Senators, some of whom switched their votes for unknown reasons.

Here is the list of Senators who voted against the Resolution

Senator Ben Altamirano, President Pro Tem, Voted for it in Rules
Senator Pete Campos
Senator Carlos Cisneros, Signed the Bill but is on the Senate Finance Conference Committee with Smith and Jennings, strong opponents.
Senator Phil Griego
Senator Tim Jennings
Senator John Pinto
Senator John Arthur Smith
Senator James Taylor
Senator David Ulibarri, Voted for it in Public Affairs

From the media gallery, we noticed Senators Cisneros, Griego, Campos, Taylor and Smith in a huddle, but it wasn't until later that we considered its significance. Senator Altamirano, the President Pro Tem, appears to have been a strong voice on the topic, and there may have been some word from the Governor, although that is speculation. Please see Senator Grubesic's beautiful press release on the topic to go.

As I look at the way forward, I see several promising directions. There are still several important pieces of Legislation that need support, namely the No Real ID Resolutions, the Prohibit Nuclear Weapons Memorial and the Dismantle Kirtland Nuclear Weapons Permanently measure. I will need a day or so to examine the options and determine which to focus on and am interested in reader feedback on the subject.

At this point, it is also important to begin to turn once again to the national debate on the manufactured and propagandistic "War on Terror" and aggressively intervene in the ongoing lack of understanding there.

Several national marches will take place later this month, such as the March on the Pentagon on the anniversary of the Start of the Iraq War. Mother Media would like to join other citizen organizations in some sort of action here in Santa Fe on that day, and I believe there is significant effort involved in an Albuquerque event which we would like to publicize. There is also a multi-organization event this Saturday called by Dave Batcheler of the Constitution Party which may be of interest to some citizens, more information below Senator Grubesic's Press Release. I was enormously pleased recently to pick up my first Constitutionally sound Liberty Dollars in solid silver and silver certificate from Joe Thornton and his wife. I strongly support this intiative to use a currency that is backed by a commodity (any commodity would do, silver is handy and standard) and am thankful to Mr. Thornton and his wife Glorietta Miller of Carrizozo. Joe was formerly a registered Republican but one of our strongest impeachment team members. You can see his testimony in the several videos we created of the Rules and Public Affairs Committee Hearings which have had over 15,000 viewings between them. Congresswoman Liz Holtzman's videoconference testimony to Senator Ortiz y Pino is also now available online.

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to work with everyone, there were times where I felt we were all postively glowing in the Committee hearings. It is clear to me that we have a terrific team ready and willing to do what needs to be done in these dangerous, but opportune times. We must all do what we can to bring the issues that matter to the fore, and there is no better way to do so than as a candidate for office. To that end, I would like to offer my candidacy for US Senate and hope that you will let me know your thoughts on the issues that are important as well as recommendations for how I might be most effective on behalf of all of us, and Mother Earth. If you are interested in helping with such an initiative, let me know.

by Leland Lehrman h: (505) 982-3609 o: (505) 473-4458

Senate Joint Resolution 5 Killed in the Senate -- Procedure before People -- by Senator John T. L. Grubesic

Santa Fe, NM – This country was founded by rebels. This country was forged in violence, ferocity, dissent and uproar. This country is vanishing before our eyes, not because we are blind, but because we are willing participants in its destruction. Today on the Senate floor you witnessed an excellent example. The Impeachment Resolution -- Senate Joint Resolution 5 – died quietly with no debate whatsoever. The dignity of the New Mexico State Senate was maintained as we followed carefully designed rules of procedure to ensure that nothing disrupted the workings of this austere body. We did a great job of making it appear that government was working.

However, we have to ask, which government and on whose behalf? The action taken by the Senate was not the action taken by a body that protects the freedoms of a sovereign people. The action was a carefully orchestrated option designed to protect the integrity of an institution and perpetuate the well-oiled workings of government. A government that has evidently forgotten that we serve at the pleasure of those we govern.

It is clear that, from the highest levels of government in our country down to our State, very few of us want to deal with the unpleasant political mess that impeachment could become. Our actions today showed where our priorities are – we forgot that the Constitution was not designed to serve government, but to protect the people. There should have been debate, argument, uproar. Instead, we quietly gutted the sovereign power of the people with polite political procedure.

When future generations look back on our time, the shock will not be because of the violent, impolite nature of the fight that preceded the destruction of Constitutional government, but by the meekness with which we watched it die.

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